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What It Takes To Volunteer

Join Our Team: Emergency Services

Becoming A Volunteer

If you're ready to serve your community in an impactful and meaningful way, you have just about everything you need to get started.  We have some basic requirements including a background check, and a medical physical.  But when it comes right down to it, volunteering is about having the heart and drive to make a difference where it's needed most.

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Learn What You Need On The Job

When you sign up to be a fire service volunteer, you'll receive all the training you need.  We have a job for everyone.  Some volunteers rush into burning buildings while others take on other responsibilities that don't involve an interior fire attack like responding to motor vehicle accidents, automobile and brush fires, medical calls, etc.  Regardless of which role you choose, the training will be available for you.

Want More Information?

Northwest Harris volunteers meet every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm at our main station on Pine Lake Road.  We welcome you to stop by and ask questions.  You can also use the link below to "Get in Touch" and let us know you are interested in learning more.  We will be glad to talk with you about becoming a part of the local fire service.

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