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    CUSTOM PLAN FOR                YOUR HOME

           "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail."                         Benjamin Franklin

Pre-Incident  Planning

Pre-incident planning allows our department to best prepare for an unforeseen emergency in your home.  When life and property are on the line, a full understanding of layout, obstacles, and potential hazards could not be more important.  This understanding leads to a higher level of service in the most efficient manner possible.

How do I help with a plan?

Plans begin with a quick questionnaire about your property.  You can find a link to this document at the bottom of this page.  We record this information, and then conduct a site visit.  These site visits usually include taking measurements from nearest water source, length of driveway, and recording any additional obstacles that might slow our response.

How does the plan work for me?

We hope these plans are never needed, but in the case of an emergency, we will have a written plan that will outline the first ten minutes on scene.  Factors include locating the most reliable water source, placement of engine and ladder truck, where we enter your home and how we access the area that has fire.  Other considerations include how we shut off electricity and gas services to the home and avoid other hazards that slow our search for trapped victims and fire attack.  These are just a few examples of how the pre-incident plan will allow us to perform our jobs quickly and efficiently.

I'm not sure this applies to me.

Every resident will benefit from a customized plan!  Our goal is to provide the residents of Harris County with the very best service possible.  Should you have questions or need help with the questionnaire, please give us a call or send an email using the contact info below.  We are here to help!

Custom Plan: Emergency Services
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